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EdelWise ENERGY future supplier of iTP Poles in Switzerland

Aktualisiert: 15. Dez. 2021

The company EdelWise ENERGY is now also offering iTP Poles in Switzerland thanks to the innovation platform EdelWise Innovations ( and the close cooperation with the German company induo.

This mast construction, which is new innovation for Switzerland, enables us to present the user with a tailor-made solution. In contrast to roundwood poles, iTP Poles can carry higher loads and thus replace concrete structures in particular.

Great importance is attached to environmental awareness, especially the reduction of CO2 emissions. The balance compared to metal or concrete constructions is impressive and speaks for the change to wood.

Why iTP Poles instead of round timber poles?

iTP Poles are adjusted to every need for length, width, height and thickness. This results in a high material homogeneity and thus very high strength. Due to their structure, all components can be completely impregnated in a special way and are therefore protected against environmental influences for much longer than other masts.

The induo® iTP Poles are not subject to natural limitations. The "engineering" of the material makes mast constructions of enormous height, size and load capacity possible.

The induo® iTP Pole system includes heavy-duty masts for any requirements!

Be at the pulse of time! We are already today!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

On next February 13th we are expecting the specialist from induo at our headquarters in Läufelfingen (BL). Take the opportunity to get to know this groundbreaking innovation better. For appointment requests, please contact us by phone +41 62 299 05 55 or by e-mail


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